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Kitchen Planning

So, you are considering a new kitchen!  Well there are few ways to go about achieving this:


  • You can take your own measurements, make an accurate and detailed plan of the roomspace, take it to a kitchen outlet - one that retails to the public of course! Order your kitchen, have it delivered hoping all that is required has been included in the order - so no  costly surpises.  Then you will need to find yourself a competent and professional kitchen fitter to install it all.  



  • Or, you can contact a kitchen supplier offering a home measuring service. They will send a very nice young man or woman to your home; whereupon, typically, they will spend the next three hours trying to convince you that they are in fact your best good friend.  When eventually they leave, they will send you the quotation for your new kitchen.  Great!  Then, chances are, you'll be hounded week in week out untill your only escape is either to submit and accept their quotation or leave town wearing a hat and dark glasses, change your name by deed poll, and            emigrate to Austrailia where finally you will be free...  



  • Alternatively, you can call L.A Gordon Kitchens, who will come to your home, measure up, make you a plan, discuss your requirements and preferences, then get you the quotation for delivering to you your finished dream kitchen, hassle and hounding free!





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