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K i t c h e n s

The Brief: 


Design a kitchen that would increase functionallity, increase kitchen work surface area by demolishing a ceiling-height brick-formed larder, better integrate kitchen and lounge spaces by increasing the size of an original serving hatch to form a large arched opening, and also incorporate a dishwasher.

Design emphasis: A fusion of natural elements in a modern setting.


The kitchen was situated in a 1960's housing block. Surprisingly, the original units, though tired and dated, were in exceptionally good working order - they don't make them like that anymore...


As it was a multi occupancy building, there was a requirement to provide a structural engineers report before the removal of any wall sections would be authorised.


Meanwhile, a design was created comprising the relocation of the cooker to the opposite side of the the room within the space created by the removal of the built-in larder. Above the hob: medium-height wall units house a ducted pullout extractor as well as providing storage space.  An integrated dishwasher was conveniently situated in the corner to the left of the sink. For the entrance, the all-to-familiar sliding door which solves the age-old problem of the obstruction created a by an internally swinging door in a narrow kitchen space.


The design was presented to the client, who interjected his opinions and preferences.  Proposed adjustments were made and the scheme was finalised.


The work was planned, timelines were set and products were sourced.  The demolition, construction, plastering and carpentry work was completed.  The kitchen was installed, floor tiles were laid, and the room was decorated - all in good time.  

The client was pleased...