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K i t c h e n s

The Brief: Fit a new kitchen, tile designated floor section and walls above main kitchen work surface, intergrate the storage area beneath the staircase into the room space, prepare and re-surface entire ground floor floorboards and re-decorate all areas.


With the original kitchen stripped out beforehand, the first task was to make-good the floor - a combination of timber joists/floorboards alongside a concrete slab. The area beneath the main kitchen run required significant levelling, and a further section in front required excavation to allow for a porcelain-tiled feature to the main kitchen walking area.  All remaining floor-boarded areas ouside of the immediate kitchen were sanded and stained.


The new kitchen was fitted to spec. Incorporated into the design were solid vertical panels fixed between each base unit, resting firmly on the floor. These would give the additional support required for what was to follow: 50mm thick marble workstops.  


With the units set out and secured, the counter areas were templated and later the marble slabs were laid and set in place by a highly skilled stone maison along with some very strong assistants, as is understandable, marble this thick is extremely heavy!


Once the worktops were installed the walls were tiled and the kitchen completed.


The storage area beneath the stairs was opened up and the ceiling and walls were lined with plasterboard.  Cupboards were built to hide-away the electricity consumer unit and gas meter.  A column shelf section was made to cover the pipes running to and from the hi-level gas meter, and a variety of shelves - (adjustable and fixed) were fitted in the remaining wall space.


Lastly, all areas were prepared and painted, and floors varnished to finish.