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K i t c h e n s

The Brief:  Remove the existing kitchen, appliances, wall and floor tiles, make good/alter some room features, supply & fit a new kitchen, tile the floor, and decorate all areas.


The room is  a shallow galley shape of reasonable length - approximately 4.m x 2m. There are a number of room features to address, namely: The  existing room door will be converted to a sliding door to enable a more practical walk-in space.  This will leave the area around the new high-level oven and microwave location free from obstruction.


The same location - the end of the main kitchen run, houses an original built-in cupboard situated in a part of the space beneath the main staircase. The rear wall of this cupboard is to be knocked through into the greater storage space beneath the stairway, and the kitchen  access is to be closed off to form the wall that the sliding door is to run along - to the far side of the new oven/microwave tower.


Finally, the enclosure  to the staircase bulkhead protruding from the ceiling needs to be reduced to create sufficient headroom for the tower unit and requires an aesthetic update!


After extensive consultation with the client a plan and design scheme was finalised, and the kitchen/appliances were sourced and ordered.


With the existing kitchen and tiles removed, it was observed that there was a problem with moisture ingress concentrated at the rear of the kitchen in the walls including and adjoining the back exterior wall and in the concrete floor of the same region. This was rectified by removing the cement render around the effected areas and replastering with a suitable moisture retardant mortar additive, completed with a full finish-plaster skim. The affected section of floor was raised sealed and re-concreted.


After completion of the building work and alterations, the new kitchen, appliances and fixtures were fitted, the new porcelain floor was laid, and the room re-decorated to finish.